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What does it cost?

There are advertising options available to suite all budgets and they can be tailored to fit into your own business marketing strategy.

You can save a lot of money by committing to a series of adverts over a number of months. When advertising in Neighbour Magazine you can also get a greater discount if you advertise across multiple editions.

Contact us today and one of our Business Sales Advisors will explain all the pricing plans to you.


How do I advertise with Admiral Media?

Please contact us today and our Business Sales Advisor will contact you and answer your questions.

Make an advertising payment

Exact details of how to pay for your advertising package are outlined on the printed agreement and will be explained by your Business Sales Advisors.

Advertising Agreement Terms & Conditions

  1. The contract is law enforceable and not subject to cancellation. In the event of impracticality by the Company, then a full refund of monies paid shall be made to the Advertiser.
  2. The Advertiser agrees to produce artwork and submit it as directed by the Company, otherwise the Company reserves the right to produce the advertisement in the manner and form it considers suitable.
  3. The Company reserves the right to withhold, withdraw or refuse any advertisement before final publication.
  4. The Advertiser shall indemnify the Company against all claims in respect of any alleged infringement of copyright, trademark or design or in respect of any passing off or slander or title arising in consequence to the exhibition of the advertisements in pursuance of this Agreement.
  5. No Advertisers shall enjoy preferential position within/on the publication except by written approval by the Company.
  6. If payment of an installment hereunder is not made on the due date or within 7 days hereafter then the whole of the balance outstanding under this agreement shall immediately become due and payable, plus costs of collection. Any proceedings of whatever nature in connection with or arising out of this agreement shall be held at the County Court, Chorley, Lancashire or High Court/Registry at the discretion of the Company.
  7. Where the business of the Advertiser is taken over by a new proprietor (or where the business ceases or the nature of the business changes) the Advertiser shall nevertheless remain fully liable under this agreement, unless the new Proprietor notifies the Company by recorded delivery of his intention to accept as his responsibility, the terms already agreed with the Company by the Advertiser. Should, however, the new Proprietor default in the performance of this Agreement the Advertiser will remain liable for any loss sustained by the Company.
  8. It is agreed and declared that this Agreement contains all terms and conditions between the parties hereto and the Company have made no warranty (oral of otherwise) except as expressly stated herein, and it is further agreed and declared that no monopoly rights shall be enjoyed by the Advertiser unless endorsed on the Agreement and initialed by the Company's agent.
  9. If payment of an installment hereunder is not made on the due date or within 7 days thereafter then the Company have the right to withdraw the advertisement from the publication. The Advertiser shall nevertheless remain fully liable for the total contractual value outstanding under this agreement.
  10. Should Act of God, War on the Queen's enemies, or Act of Parliament or other Government action, strike action, post delay, extreme weather conditions, force majeure, disaster conditions, or any other reasons beyond the control of the Company, the Company shall be excused from carrying out the conditions of this Agreement until normal situation has returned.
  11. This Agreement shall in all aspects be construed as an English Contract subject to English Law.

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